High School

ALKEV Prepares Its Students for Life

In our institution, where the tradition of German High Schools is maintained, our primary goal is to prepare our students for life in the best way throughout their five-year high school life.

In our institution, which has a very important mission of raising successful and talented individuals for the business world of the 21st century, our students can use the target languages German and English at C1 level at international standards, achieve high success in national and international university placements and are questioning, intellectual, disciplined, effective, efficient, responsible, self-confident and productive individuals as well as good team players. We aim to raise individuals who are good leaders, competent, have high communication skills, are aware of their social responsibilities and can evaluate themselves.

Overseas University Opportunites in ALKEV

Our students will have the opportunity to study in German-speaking countries, especially Germany, with the different diploma options offered at our school.

GIB (Gemischtsprachiges Internationales Baccalaureate) Diploma Program

In 1986, with the joint decision of the German Government Kultusministerkonferenz (KMK) and the IB center, GIB (Gemischtsprachiges Internationales Baccalaureate), another application type of IB programs, came into force.

As of 2018-2019 academic year, GIB (Gemischtsprachiges Internationales Baccalaureate) Diploma Program has started within ALKEV Private High School.

In our school, different from the IB Diploma Program courses; at least one of the language courses, History, Chemistry and Biology courses are offered in German. The GIB Diploma Program is designed to support the intellectual, social, emotional and physical aspects of the students and is implemented in 11th and 12th grades. In addition, within the framework of the preparatory, 9th and 10th grade curricula, students’ educational experiences are expanded and preparatory work is carried out for the DP process.

The GIB diploma is a bilingual international diploma and is accepted by German-speaking higher education institutions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.

German Language Diplomas in German-Speaking Countries

German Language Diplomas from “Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz”

DSD I and DSD II are the language diplomas that certify the language proficiency of our students in German-speaking countries, especially in Germany, during their application to higher education.

Our intensive and comprehensive German curriculum, applied from Prep to 12th grade, is designed in accordance with the European language framework and includes the preparation process for DSD exams. Thanks to the German Language Diploma DSD-I and DSD-II, which we offer as ALKEV Private High School and Science High School, we provide our graduates with the opportunity to study in Germany and German-speaking countries.

Teaching English, which is the second foreign language in our school, is also of great importance. Our students will be able to take the Cambridge University Language Proficiency Exams, which are the most known in the world, and have the internationally valid KET (A2), PET (B1) and FCE (B2) certificates.

The GIB diploma is a bilingual international diploma and is accepted by German-speaking higher education institutions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. At the end of the 12th grade, Diploma Program students make their applications with their diplomas directly to the departments they want to study, through our Overseas College Counseling unit, without entering the YKS exam.

ALKEV for an International Career

Student exchange programs are carried out every year with schools in Germany. With the project-based exchange programs with partner schools, we aim to establish lively and long-term relationships with Germany and encourage our teachers and students to exchange ideas and collaborate among themselves. With the wide range of opportunities offered by these programs, our students will have guaranteed the foundation of an international career by increasing the competencies and competencies they need in their higher education and future professional life in Germany.