Primary School

In ALKEV Private Primary School flexible and planned educational activities take place in effective and exciting differentiated classes based on students’ learning maps and readiness levels. It is very important for our students to develop a positive attitude towards the lessons who take their first steps to academic life. Therefore in our Primary School by blending knowledge and skills; a learning climate is created that supports the students’ active structuring of knowledge in their minds instead of the experiences in which knowledge is memorized.

Turkish lessons are planned to be 11 hours a week considering the students’ mental learning development qualifications (Thinking Skills Education Model PASS Theory). Many differentiated methods and techniques; such as SCAMPER, 6 Hats, Gradual Reconstruction, Learning Centers, Learning Stations, Learning Diaries and Creative Reading, are used in Turkish lessons. Not only our students are involved in the educational process which is based on understanding the possibilities and power of the mother tongue but also they do critical reading, thinking and writing studies to improve their language skills at an early age. The opportunity to be a good narrator, a good speaker and a good researcher, who has a reading culture, is offered to our students in a rich learning environment with a hidden discipline understanding.

Two Foreign Languages in ALKEV

In Primary and Secondary School our students take 10 hours of German lessons per week. In the first and second grades there are two teachers in the class at the same time. Starting from the third grade the courses are taught with the complementary program contents that are designed by both German and Turkish teachers.

An individualized German program is carried out fort he students who have recently joined our Primary and Secondary School. In the Secondary School students prepare for the B1 German Certification Exams that is administered by İstanbul Goethe Institute.

English education in ALKEV starts from in third grade. After learning German, students make an easy transition to English and they make a quick progress. We offer our students to participate English Certification Exams as in German.

Social Activities

There are full technological classrooms, laboratories and workshops and also sport areas and playgrounds in our 30,000 square meter campus. Starting from the Primary School many applied courses such as visual Arts, Information Technologics, Physical Education, Drama, Chess and Library lessons are included in our cirriculum. In the club activities students can choose activities according to their interests such as Lego Robotics, cooking, gymnastics, Destination Imagination (DI) and ORFF.