Our Quality Policy

Our Principles Of Quality Management System in ALKEV Education

Our focus is on teachers, students and parents.

We listen and understand our employees within the school by balancing the needs and expectations of our suppliers, employees and stakeholders as we try to satisfy all the parties we serve.

We adopt the principle of leadership.

We create and explain the development plan, goals and vision of our school and, through our leadership, we set an example of the essential values that will guide everyone’s behavior in order to accomplish our vision.

We act in accordance with the participation of our academic and non-academic staff.

We involve our employees in the development of our departments and our school. Using their knowledge and experience, we create an environment in which they will be able to realize their full potential and be motivated at all times.

We internalize the process and system approach.

We manage our departments and school with a single integrated system, following the process approach in national and international curriculum programs, Quality Management System and all our management studies in order to achieve our objectives.

We’re constantly advancing.

We create an environment in which each individual will be motivated to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our education, methods and management system.

We internalize a realistic approach in every decision.

We build on our decisions on the logical and intuitive analysis of the data we receive from accurate measurements based on competence and goal, which contain service, process and system characteristics.

With the principles of quality management system mentioned above

Our Quality Policy

“We are responsible for the quality of our educational activities; however, our students and stakeholders will evaluate the quality of our educational and administrative accomplishments.”

We will meet all administrative, legal and applicable requirements.

We will educate our students as individuals who challenge and ask critical thinking questions.

Not only we enable our students to be able to use their native language flawlessly, but also we ensure to help our students to become individuals who speak, write, listen, read and understand the target languages German/English.

By establishing education and standardization targets, we will review them regularly and increase constant improvement.

We will improve the competencies of all our academic or non-academic employees by providing the necessary training and development.

We will reduce the inconveniences that may occur in our educational and administrative manners.

We will provide quality education and satisfaction to school employees.

We will work on Environmental Management Systems and be responsive to environment.

While reflecting the expectations of school employees on curriculum development, we will pursue the development of national and international educational programs and provide the most accurate education counselling.

We educate people with the international mindset that helps create a better and more peaceful world who are aware of humanity and the planet we share.

Academic Department and Unit Missions


We enable students to acquire competence in five basic skills (reading, writing, understanding, listening, speaking) in direct proportion to their age, experience and interests at the end of high school and transfer this competence to their social skills. Moreover, our main reason for being is to train creative students who are open to what is different, who are tolerant, who can think and work independently; who have developed internal discipline.


It is our main reason to ensure that students are ready for life through educating individuals who have academic qualifications and problem solving skills, who have learned to learn, who are critical thinkers, who are responsible to society until the last year of primary education.


Our main reason of existence is to provide our students with awareness, talent and skills in the fields of art, sports and technology.


Accepting cultural differences; Raising children who are open to learning the German language, tolerant, highly responsible, self-confident, self-expressive, social, questioning, adaptable, discovering, problem solving, happy, successful, and ready for an upper age group is our main reason for being.


Our main reason for being is to help students, school administration, teachers and parents to be aware of the learning deficiencies of the students in their academic fields by following the learning processes, to guide them in their completion and support activities, to support students’ success in TEOG and other exams.


In parallel with the education and training process, our main reason for being is to support our parents, teachers and school administration in this regard, while ensuring that students become peaceful and happy individuals by preparing them for life, developing awareness, being solution-oriented and supporting their self-knowledge.


Our main reason of existence is to raise students who use their native language correctly, think analytically and critically, who are self-confident, who can transfer their daily life experiences to different disciplines, and who have high research and academic success.


Regardless of their cognitive and behavioral level, our main reason for being is to raise individuals who can develop a positive attitude towards mathematics and associate mathematics with other disciplines and daily life and being able to comprehend that Mathematics is a system of thought and relations independent from the myth of “Only intelligent people can succeed”; who can understand that he has a unique language and mystery, and enjoy exploring this language and mystery.


Our main reason for being is raising students who can use their native language correctly and apply it in all areas of their life; has gained literary skills; whose national understanding is high, based on Kemalism and advancing in this direction, protecting the Turkish language.


Our main reason for being is raising students aware of technology, curious; can explain what they observe in their environment with theoretical information; who can reach a conclusion step by step with the hypotheses they cannot explain; encouraging production without consuming the environment; can learn by enjoying, doing and experiencing in the laboratory environment with experiments and observations and science literate.


Our main reason for being is to raise individuals who can produce ideas, have high national and moral values, and are progressive, contemporary and academically developed by asking, questioning; establishing cause and effect relationship, seeing the multidimensionality of events, using what they learn in daily life.


Bringing the latest information and information technologies to teachers and students by supporting education and training, contributing to the development of a student profile that thinks, researches, can analyze and synthesize information, think critically and adhere to the principles of academic honesty, is our main reason for being to contribute to the personal development of students and teachers as well as their academic needs.