Technology in ALKEV

We sustain the “Culture of Coding Education from Kindergarten to High School” that we have adopted as ALKEV Private Schools by starting with algorithmic thinking lessons in kindergarten level to robotics projects in high school level.

In this context, algorithm in kindergarten, algorithm and coding (Scratch) in primary school, coding in middle and both coding and robotics in high school are integrated into our curriculum.

Our goal, as ALKEV Private Schools, is to continue the culture of creating a generation that can produce from kindergarten to high school and in this process to make our students to produce and to ensure that they use all the opportunities of technology. Within this context, robotics education continues in our school.

We have MakeX Robotics competition teams in both primary and middle schools and FRC (First Robotics Competition) teams in high school.

Software and Hardware Infrastructure

As ALKEV Private Schools, we work with software/hardware solutions of Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, Lenovo, HP and Google companies on software and computer hardware.

Our school has an all-access iMac Lab and a Windows-based PC Lab with an internet connection.

Aside from these, we have Apple, Android and Windows based devices to utilize interactive lesson contents in the classroom.

Apart from computers, drawing tablets, wireless headphones, web camera tools and online software for distance education are also offered to our teachers and students. Our infrastructure includes two local servers.

Education with Smart Boards

SmartBoards are being used as interactive whiteboards in all our classrooms.