Middle School

Our students continue their development on the strong bases which are laid in ALKEV primary school about academic and behavioral policies, in the light of educational and behavioral activities in ALKEV middle school, towards to our academic and behavioral policies.

In our middle school, all curricula are prepared with the integration of national and international teaching programes and the policy of ALKEV curriculum.

In our school, two basic frameworks are used in the education planning process. The first is Understanding by Design (UbD); It is a planning framework based on a retrospective design approach, focusing on deep learning and transfer. Owing UbD, effective and active learning experiences are guaranteed for all students.

The second basic framework is the Universal Design in Learning (UDL) program which focuses on the principle of “Individual differences are the norm, not the exception”. This approach aims at differentiation, not standardization in education, and develops alternatives for each student’s differences to teaching and learning. This approach also provides students with the opportunity to choose; diversifies the content, process and learning products in teaching. It maximizes the learning level of each student by removing the barriers to learning with different teaching methods.

German and English In ALKEV

There is an intensive language teaching in 5th grade totally 16 hours which are 11 German and 5 English. Our students bring about their language learning up to 8th grade according to EU standarts by continuing intensively learning German and English.

Students Learn How To Learn

Learning process is student centered for ALKEV schools. For this reason our lessons’ aim is to create a field for our students to search, analyse what is searched, examine, use the grammar rules in oral and verbal expressions, think analytically and critically, self-confident, can transfer experiences into different disciplines, provided with the 21st century skills, academically successful.

Our lessons which aimed raising learn how to learn students are shaped by the teaching methods, methods and techniques in a positive learning atmosphere.


Teaching programes are applied after being available for our school’s technological background.In this direction lessons enriched technological materials such as tablet, computer besides smart board so our students have fun while learning and have information about the technological developments which are necessary for this century.

Social Activities

In our school we give importance to social and cultural activities and our students support their personal development in the clubs that they choose according to their interests, and they are on the way to becoming a world citizen with a sense of social responsibility, aesthetic awareness, pleasure and being open-minded.

In club activities, students can take part in gymnastics, destination imagination (DI), Lego Robotics etc. according to their interests.