Game is the most important learning tool for children. It helps them to explore their environment and allows them to express their feelings and thoughts. It is also the natural time when their skills develop.

In ALKEV Kindergarten, the game takes an important place at the basis of education.
An educational program is implemented, which allows children to develop emotional bonds with their teachers and friends, and that allows them to develop their social, emotional, cognitive, language and self-care skills. Our educational program is supported by modern educational methods.

Thinking Skills Training Model, which aims to support individual differences by developing, is applied in our education planning.

German Language Acquisition Program

Since 2016-2017 academic year, there is a strong education with cultural and social activities in groups where only two German-speaking teachers are involved.

While acquiring the language, they also have the opportunity to get acquainted with and participate in the culture and cultural activities of this language.

The program is an expert in its field in 3 age groups; It is carried out under the guidance of two teachers who speak Turkish and German at mother tongue level. In the 4-year-old and Preparatory groups, two classroom teachers, both speaking German, carry out their training activities. The all-day German language acquisition program is implemented to allow children to learn by having fun, experimenting, exploring and supporting individual differences.

Social Cultural Activities

  • Educational activities suitable for age groups;
    • Physical education
    • Music Education with Orff approach
    • Chess
  • Theatrical events, trips, projects once a month
  • Turkish and German Cultural activities