TOK (Theory of Knowledge) Exhibition 2024

ALKEV Private Anatolian High School IB Diploma Program 11th grade students’ TOK Exhibition was held on Friday, April 26th. Theory of Knowledge is a course that focuses on questioning and inducing questions such as “Why and how do we acquire knowledge?” and “For what purpose and how should we use knowledge?” The aim is for students to develop a more conscious learner profile.

Our students chose one of the 35 different knowledge questions prepared by the IB, such as “Are some types of knowledge more useful than others?” “Can new knowledge change established values or beliefs?” “To what extent is it ethical to obtain certain knowledge?” They then concretized this abstract question by associating it with their own learning experiences and expressing their short comments in English on three objects they found themselves.

We thank our students who carefully conducted this study and our teachers who contributed.

TOK (Theory of Knowledge) Exhibition Video